A thought in space

The afterthought of
an astronaut destroyed
the earth and with a
final birth we
said good-bye.

The star gazer wearing the
plaid blazer blinked
as identity fused
with infinity and
everything went dark.

Somewhere I chuckle
knowing by tomorrow
black surrounds black
and compounds all,
condensed at last.

Submitted for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Tuesday Platform: The Moon Moments.

5 thoughts on “A thought in space

  1. The first stanza really grabbed me. Was it the astronaut’s afterthought that destroyed the earth or the act of leaving earth in the first place? It almost feels like the opening to a sci-fi story where an astronaut has accidentally hit the wrong button and somehow decimates Earth instead of an asteroid? So we are birthed into a new beginning, one we weren’t expecting. In the rest of the poem we seem to see the light winking out, both humanity in the second stanza and the stars in the third. A collapse into a black hole perhaps, or a harkening back to the beginning with another big bang to come.


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