The poet’s agony

I envy the novelist, words
by the hundreds sliding fingertip
to screen, a playground of plot somersaulting
one sentence
to the next.

I grieve for the poet, whose
inert pen hesitates, immobilized
by the next word slipping though a fingertip,
monkey bars
out of reach.

I have yet to meet one I like.

Written for the Tuesday Writing Prompt over at Go Dog Go Cafe – using the two words “poet” and “pen”

17 thoughts on “The poet’s agony

  1. You are caught on the horns of a dilemma, saying everything with droplets and breeze. I’ve always been attracted to the deranging midground between novel and poem–not healthy for sure, but whaddayagonnado?

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  3. ooooh yes….sometimes writing poetry, holding the pen to the page, thinking, writing a word…..and there’s a monkey bar chasm to get to the next line….especially in a prescribed form or rhythm! Great description here. Although….many a poet I do enjoy! But then, I liked taking acrobat lessons when I was young 🙂

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