Sometimes I’d like to unpack
my soul and watch it pour
onto the ground, mixing with the dirt
and whatever lay before me, a new me
with constituent parts
that unmistakably resemble what was
but look tough,

Then I’d like to feel
this constituted mixture ooze
through my fingers, free of the bell jar
and doubts coming before me, now paramount,
with the confidence born
of foregoing our imposed dejection
and feel liberated,

(c) Phillip Scott

I wrote this in response to two prompts:
Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The Bell Jar on Go Dog Go Cafe.
dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Mindfulness

20 thoughts on “Unmistakable

      1. It makes me wonder what certain parts would look like. Would some be old but comfy like an old flannel? Would some be softer than others? Do any of them carry memories of scents along with them that have become part of the very fabric?

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