Glory in a bee

The bumblebee bounces in glory
upon my arm,
the unflinching stinger bold
in its daring attack,
bound in sacrifice
for its hive.

For what would I show such courage,
bounding into battle
without thought,
solider of hive mind
for my tribe?

How might I fly to face danger
upon myself,
the urge to strike
against threats
for my end?

What glory comes to the bee,
warrior with weight
of a planet on its wings,
no match
for the force
of my right hand?

(c) 2019 by Phillip Knight Scott

Written for the Poets United Midweek Motif – “glory”

31 thoughts on “Glory in a bee”

  1. I used to be afraid of bees. Now I honor them. I love how your poem speaks of their bravery. I hope their natural courage is enough to not only save their queen, but save us.


  2. I don’t think they have a choice as it is queen, worrkers and drones and tney all obey the rules of the hive or get the push. Mind you the successful drone to mate with the queen doesn’t have much of a future!


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