The sailor

The day fades to amber.
A sailor scampers toward shore,
fearful of being lost on the billowy blanket
where warmth in wet ripples
soothes an otherwise fierce soul,
longing to be three
sails to the wind.

But pause, the sailor.
She called to him from behind,
crying calm waters whose
deep bold blue blended with the sky,
shades of blue amid specks of red
cascading beyond
his imagination.

Or maybe he merely wanted
to touch the sky
and turning upside-down,
adrift among the waves
and the clouds, stretched his sails
once again.
The night grows black.

(c) 2019 by Phillip Knight Scott

Written with the following prompts in mind:
The Word of the Day Challenge – “Lost”
The Putting My Feet in the Dirt August writing prompts : “bold and billowy”

18 thoughts on “The sailor”

  1. Wow, you can write, Mister Man.
    It occurs to me that, without these heart-wrenching storms we pass through in life, that same life would be far less rich. You are an alchemist, weaving dregs into these beautiful poems.
    Nicely done.

    Liked by 1 person

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