The church windows scream

I admit the church is beautiful,
brick exterior protecting principled
priceless treasures for eucharist
or other drinking games. The bell,
polished and proud, longs for the clouds
and clings to faith it will ascend
high enough one day.

Ornate symbols of Christ – the cross,
the cup – stainless martyrs dying
in veins running red assault the senses
and scream of deaths, endings
brought from passion and bought
for Christian decoration.

What heaven awaits the haggard,
hungry for purpose or meaning?
What hope rings in these ears,
pulsing with the prospect
of an afterlife of ashes to ashes?
What worship befalls the weary,
the hesitant and the damned?

I lack the faith to answer,
nor can I stop the questions.

(c) 2019 by Phillip Knight Scott

Published by Phillip Knight Scott

My name is Phillip. I am a Tar Heel born and bred and watch every Yankees game I can. I'm still searching for my own TARDIS. My first novel, "The Alien in the Backseat," is available now!

14 thoughts on “The church windows scream

  1. Wow! I relate to these thoughts so strongly. “Other drinking games” sums it up so well. My faith is gone these days, seeing nothing meaningful in any of this any more


  2. Yes Phillip, the essence of such a place of worship well rendered, And yes for sure, the challenge of faith is the thing… Though the core blessing is that we are always free to act ‘in good faith’ with or without being able to sustain any spiritual certainty – that was we grow towards our potential, I believe this much, at least myself…

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