Bouncing to the end

We think about destiny
shaping us in straight lines,
manifest futures en route
(of course) guided
to destinations we can’t see.

I find that fate does not fuel lives
directly but chooses to careen
between guideposts
until we reach the end,
bruised but better.

© 2021 | Phillip Knight Scott

Written for dVerse, where this week Lillian asks us to write a quadrille with the word “careen”

Published by Phillip Knight Scott

My name is Phillip. I am a Tar Heel born and bred and watch every Yankees game I can. I'm still searching for my own TARDIS. My first novel, "The Alien in the Backseat," is available now!

14 thoughts on “Bouncing to the end

  1. Love everything about this! Excellent reflection caused by the use of the word “careen”….and the illustration is perfect! Two holidays ago we bought our grandson one of those marble things….where they each hang down, like in your illustration, and you lift one off to the side, it hits the others and causes the reaction. If you lift two off to the side, a different reaction. I like the idea of comparing this to life.


  2. This is absolutely outstanding! I love the idea of “bruised but better.” It speaks to me of inner strength and courage. 💝💝


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