Jake Whitman wasn’t having a great day.

Work was stressful, his girlfriend just broke up with him, and the local brewery was really stretching with its latest punny beer names. No matter how bad, he was not expecting to find an alien in the back seat of his car. Now he’s on the road with federal agents, news media, and who knows what else chasing him. The very fate of the world could be riding with him …

Earth doesn’t stand a chance.

Cast of characters


Jake, 34, is living in, if not a mid-life crisis, some sort of existential funk. He dislikes his job, has no success in love, and will jump at the first opportunity for a change. What a premise!


Callie, 29, is a journalist, though she uses that term loosely. She’s ready for her big break so she can escape the tortured world of click-bait. What an opportunity!


Zoe, 27, just started a new job in a new town with a new partner. She’s excited to see what the world holds for her. What if another world shows her something too!

And many, many more … But not too many! It’s not confusing!

Professionally drawn map of where the action happens

Read and Relished, Readily Recommended!

— Paul Bock