Sunday Best: time will tell

I really enjoyed this week’s prompt and was proud how it turned out 🙂 Thanks so much, Kristiana!!


Dear reader,

Welcome to December on Free Verse Revolution! This month’s theme is Endings and there are still 8 spots available for contributing writers. If you would like to submit, see the guidelines here.

This week began the month with a variety of responses to the theme:

Tuesday – David Dephy

Wednesday – Devon Brock

Thursday – Kristiana Reed

Friday – Eric Daniel Clarke

Saturday – HLR

The first prompt of the month was ‘time will tell’ and here are the top three responses:

My memory (to come) – Phillip Knight Scott

Time will tell #tanka – Judeitakali

Forty Years Ago – M.A. Morris

I look forward to your submissions!

Happy writing!



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At dusk (tangerine orange)

As blues turn a tangerine orange,
dusk surrounds each of us with the promise
of another day, soon to peak through
the leaves of this old tree, reaching,
straining, but never able to feel blue.

How small is the tree, as the sun radiates,
warmth engulfing everything with the hope
that the vastness of existence pours through
everything with a purpose that we, reaching,
straining, are never able to understand?

In response to Sue Vincent’s #WritePhoto prompt.

copyright neha 2019 / image borrowed from Sue Vincent

I owe a thank you to Christine Bolton, whose “tangerine clouds” I couldn’t get out of my mind. Check out her poem!

another freckle

I counted her freckles like rings
in a tree trunk, soft kissed by the sun,

and on particularly warm summer nights
I lose the number, finding myself instead
tracing her face, hinting at red,

burning as another day
fades gentle, another mark of beauty.

It’s Quadrille Monday at dVerse,  the virtual pub for poets. Mish is hosting and asks us to include the  word “freckle” or any form of the word in our Quadrille (a poem of  exactly 44 words, sans title). 

misery wears a crown


misery wears a crown,
resting politely
on his head.
old men wave
as indifference
fluttered by.

stars don’t dance
I step into
a cloud of purple.


the sunlight plays
Mozart as I waltz
beneath the shade
of a tree,

empty of leaves,
leaving me grazing
among barren
of grain.

Taking stock

Part of this process has involved going back through decades of stuff I’ve written, combing through hundreds of documents and deciding what is at least decent and what is unquestionably embarrassing juvenalia. There seems to be a fair amount of both. For every turn of phrase I’m glad found voice, there seem to be several which makes me cringe. Or not just cringe but flinch – physically recoil at the self-importance, the pretension.

(Am I really selling you on this so far?)

What’s most interesting in those high school poems (I don’t consider teenage angst interesting) is that they all rhyme. They use a variety of rhyme schemes, but they all rhyme. How much time I must have spent going through “back, cack, dack, fack, oh flack! Boom. Nailed it.” It was also around this time I started saying “that’s the” because the internet was new, URLs were novel, and I enjoy running something deep into the ground, burying it under tons of dirt and then salting every inch of every mound of dirt to ensure no one ever, ever wants to hear from me again.

Also, my handwriting was amazing.

Look at that handwriting! Ignore the handwringing!

So yes, combing through these poems has been an adventure through space and time, truly making me Doctor Who at last.

Taking the plunge

I’ve been writing my whole life, but it’s largely been confined to an off-and-on hobby. Not anymore, my friends! I’m not getting any younger and it’s time to get serious about this. Join me on my journey! Help me as I push towards my first published collection of poems! Watch as I gain international fame and leave all my friends and family behind!

Well that is extremely unlikely. But I’ve reached a point in my life (mid-life crisis cliche) where I am comfortable, determined, and motivated enough to throw myself out into the world and see what comes back. Will it be universal ridicule? Wide-ranging rebuke? Or, most terrifyingly, passionate indifference?

Yes! Or no! At any rate, here we go!

So this is my plan for the site/blog.

  • I’ll provide updates on my progress towards completing a full manuscript.
  • I’ll provide provide sneak peaks at things I’m in-process working on.
  • I’ll share personal details no one ever asked for.
  • I’ll share some incredibly embarrassing things I recently found from high school, proving that I have been writing for decades and teenagers are even more self-absorbed than you remember.
  • I’ll beg you for feedback and support, in some order.

And that’s it. Welcome aboard and I hope you stay a while.