With humor, foresight, and rarely hidden effort, Phillip Knight Scott dares to ask important, existential questions in his first collection of poems. There may be few answers in PAINT THE LIVING, PLANT THE DEAD – indeed the whole thing is a bit absurd – but sometimes asking the questions can be enough. What is the point of life? Why is my hair gray? Where are my keys? These poems won’t answer these questions, but you’ll at least have something to read on your way to wherever you end up.

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A recent review:

His poems leave me stunned, and as an English Major I’m not easily impressed … he excels in stripped-down, no-wasted-words poetry that is a treat to read. Buy his book–No, buy 2 or 3, a dozen, to give as Christmas gifts this year!!

One more:

I breathed in the entire book in one big breath. Even the ones I didn’t understand why he wrote them I appreciated on further review.

And just one more (from my sister-in-law):

Some of them are kinda dark.

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