I don’t blame trees for blanketing
the grass
in brown memories of greener
nor the sun for plunging out
of view
while the clock still has hours left
to roll.

I’ve noticed that time moves at its
own pace
& memories come in different
some at pleasant octaves we sing
along with
others hum so softly we don’t
notice them.

My earliest memories of you feel new
like yesterday
and worn in like a hundred years
of polish
dazzling as they hang from a pedestal
of stars
outshining even my brightest

Scenes of home

I see her face familiar
the smell of butter warming
in a pan before
grilled cheese sandwiches

houndstooth pattern
transcribed from the sofa
to my cheek
on a lazy Saturday afternoon

James Taylor slowly pouring
from the speakers
like hot water in a mug
of Mom’s instant coffee

Her face double-exposed
over older memories
scenes of home flashing
from her propulsive influence

purifying moments woefully absent
of that face — the second place
I consider home
has always been there.

A statue

She lingers at the door, silent except
for the half smile singed on her lips

like a historical marker trying to freeze
a moment in time. We’re older but I swear

she hasn’t aged a day since this morning —
those green eyes still coyly tow me in

and I’m a wreck for her. I could build
a monument to this moment, one of many

that holds a place at the center of me —
cemented to last well beyond my life.

She lingers at the door, but calls me home.

Fragrant fragments

I borrow moments from your future
because the past
smells old

sneakers left in the rain while you slept
inside. Slept and slept

what has become of you
comes nearer to what has become of me
awake for the first time. I can remember

looking forward
a lighthouse on the beach drawing circles
fussy hermit crabs finding new homes

the smell of salty sea air
seemed far away though it waved to me
I shouldn’t speak of nose hairs

something dances inside me
aromas of tomorrow. Inside now

today’s heartbeat thumps
this banging

growing louder as we get closer
bang bang

stealing from tomorrow only enlarges
the craving

pounding right now
now you’ve become my very blood

the oxygen I pull in my nose

breezy with age


The scene unfolds somewhere

The coals scream beneath the fire
because they cannot watch that scene

just out of sight

where flames dance like wisps of jellyfish
or misplaced popsicle sticks that

tumble out of reach

The wind carries a cruel sting
numbing even to deep-furred wolves

howling out of earshot

Or perhaps we’re not missing anything

Ash falls on the breeze like daffodil petals
set free in a gust — free from the flames

finally out of mind

A kingdom of two

The leaves circle the sky
in sun-washed indulgence,
a crown atop the earth.

We look up and see clouds —
curtains drawn so stars
can only dream of us here

as we hold court in shades of grass,
a private kingdom we rule as partners.

It may not be just

I’m just a mudlark for you,
digging in the mud
finding things others have squandered
because they didn’t value
what they had.

Coffee together or a fire
or just a lazy afternoon
on the sofa. I’d even
pull up a blanket.

I collect them all and will cash them in
one day.

Autumn landscape

The hills burn
with Autumn’s leaves,
a chorus celebrating
the mundane mayhem
that announces

another season when trees
shed any pretense
of modesty. The future is cloudy
while the skies
echo the sun’s brushstrokes

and compete
for my attention. I don’t
complain about the cold —
seasons are cyclical so
we just pedal faster.

Eye color

My eyes are
my favorite color

I’m not sure
if I favor blue
I’m self-absorbed

or if
I filter the world
to match
my view

life colors
in many hues

and nature draws
me to blues.

Just a leaf

my puppy has a leaf
stuck on her chin
it doesn’t seem to bother her

discarded by a tree
ignored by my puppy
soon to return to the ground —
lost to the shadow of time

but not yet

the leaf clings to agency
by the red whiskers of my puppy
enjoying its ride
around and around my yard

I wonder
how long it will stay there

what can we do but hold on tight

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