These memories may thaw but 
they refuse to melt away — 
stubborn stains impervious to
my meticulous clawing. 
Blankets and band-aids cover scars
but the scorn burns — contempt 
for what was and won’t be.

We lack agency in our most
chilling moments, coughing 
against whatever fate has consigned
to us (Did I cough when
you left? That particular
memory escapes me) futilely
clutching a blanket for warmth.

Phillip Knight Scott | © 2019

Written for Free Verse Revolution October Writing Prompt #4 : scars

Nightmare flower

There’s not enough coffee in the pantry
to poison the nightmare flower
growing inside my mind this Monday morning –
a menacing thought blooms in shadows.

What phantoms creep in darkness,
wakeful vigils watching
through keyholes while moonless skies sway
then give way
to the quiet sun cheering for someone to hear?

The sun is too loud.

She dropped the seeds in my ear while I was sleeping
then evaporated, leaving me
a farmer diluted, hosing my brain with
caffeine while my wetter winks paint sorrow
in neat rows not yet tilled.

What blossom sprouts in dejection,
rotten and unwanted
I sit wishing the sun would retreat or retract
or simply retrace its steps in reverse?

Phillip Knight Scott | © 2019

Submitted for Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt : “Nightmare flower”

Written for Sunday’s Whirligig 235 : keyhole, hear, menace, sleeping, phantoms, swaying, cheer, creep, wetter, quiet, winks

Submitted for dVerse Poets Pub. Lillian asked for treats … though this may be more of a trick?