The moonlight sang that song 
we can’t remember, invisible wings 
cascading through the valiant wind 
as the stairs insist 
on climbing up. 

Up where time remains an afterthought, 
or hangs on the moonlight 
nearly in the future. Time always comes, 
playing metronome while weightless, 
feigning lightness 
to ease the ascent.

© 2020 Phillip Knight Scott


Thoughts on waiting

Ambushed by the moon
reflecting a solar absence
while waxing poetic
behind fast swimming clouds,
we sit on the front porch

A cool fall breeze
exclaims its presence, hinting
at a storm or other ominous things
just beyond the horizon. What surprises
lay before us, hoping to astound,
to break us
from an evening reverie
as we wait?

Wait, listening
to the remaining leaves
blowing above revealing that moon,
a marvelous wonder hinting
at a universe we know
nothing about.

We know nothing of what’s beyond
these leaves, this moon, mysteries
that baffle us, sitting, waiting on
our small planet,
an island amidst the nothing
of space matter.
Then the pizza shows up and nothing
else matters.

Phillip Knight Scott | © 2019

Posted for the dVerse Poetics weekly prompt : “anticipation”