Still starlight

The fragrance of stars can jump
through a window
with a gust of snow like a comet’s tail

I ask her to keep the curtains shut
if the neighbors are home

She says the house is haunted
when she gets to the end of a book

I open a window to let the ghosts out
but she says
they’re good houseguests & never leave
a mess

She doesn’t wear perfume & the night
smells of stardust

Tonight the universe fits inside this room
starlight sneaks in

You are mine

You are my star, my light in the universe — though worlds revolve I’m resolved to stay out of the dark.  You are my center, the heart in my body —though you sleepa world away I stay fixated on you. You are my happy, my smile in this life — for as long asI’m on this earthyou are mine. © 2021 Phillip KnightContinue reading “You are mine”

What about stars

What is it about stars that so captivates us?
The sparkle we mirror in our eyes?
The glimmer we hope will carry us
through whatever blackness surfaces?

Warmth dulled through lightyears still
envelops me in a hug at midnight
drawing me in to their group,
part of a constellation. Of something.

The universe is but black, vast and empty,
a vacuum devoid of meaning,
swallowing what it may, but bespeckled
randomly with dust of light
scattered haphazardly out there. Up there.

I follow the light, something to reach for,
hands stretched to the stars
that so captivate me like millions before –
will we ever get closer to them?