Chocolate caked face

I find peace watching him devour
a cupcake, displaying the stoic
patience of a ravenous dog nine days
since its last dinner. I savor

these moments, serene in the simplicity
of a child’s composure confronting
the confectionery challenge to cram
as much cake+icing in a mouth at once.

I envy his free-spirited delight,
chocolate icing caking his face,
a mark of sugary youthful indiscretion
on a sweet face resembling mine.

I cannot return to that place – try
as I might to forget the edible norms
of adulthood – so here I sit in joy
living vicariously through my filthy son.

Phillip Knight Scott | © 2019

Written for V.J.’s Challenge #66 : “savour” (I Americanized it and deleted that superfluous ‘u’)
Also submitted dVerse OpenLinkNight #252. Grace is today’s host.